Tarsier X®

Tarsier X® is a cost effective, complete solution for obtaining accurate dental X-rays

It has a unique sensor holder+aligner combination that will augment user efficiency as well as patient comfort

Eikona X Mandala First of its kind product based on Bisecting angle technique

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Tarsier X<sup>®</sup>
Eikona X Mandala

Why Us?

Positioning error(Cone-cut) is the most common error in dental radiology


Taking dental X-rays is a blind and complex procedure.


Repeat X-rays cause additional radiation exposure and loss of critical clinical time.


Tarsier X®- a novel solution to eliminate all positioning errors

Eikona X was created by dentists, for dentists and represents our journey from dentists to entrepreneurs

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Dr. Ritika Sabat

Dr. Ritika Sabat
Intern, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal

The Tarsier X Analog is extremely useful in taking IOPA’s. It reduces the time of calculating the angle and orientation of the X-ray tube and makes procedure less cumbersome. It saves patient’s time and also minimizes the chances of repeat radiographs

Dr. Carol Gloria Moras

Dr. Carol Gloria Moras
Post graduate, Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, MCODS, Manipal

A time efficient device. As an Endodontist we have to take multiple radiographs for every tooth undergoing RCT. Though RVG with its numerous advantages gives quick images, the problem lies with the small size of the sensor and inaccurate tube head placement making it difficult to capture both the crown and root without a cone cut. But, to the rescue comes this device, solving these issues, making quick RVG captures hassle-free and ultimately making our process more efficient and quicker.

Incubated at

Manipal Government of Karnataka Bioincubator
Incubated at Manipal-GoK Bioincubator

Awards & Recognitions

BIG 15 Grantee. Biotechnology Ignition Grant from BIRAC, Govt. of India
3M CII Young Innovators Challenge
Finalists-Top 4 in the product impact category
Kaun Banega Udyampathi 2021
Semi Finalists in Kaun Banega Udyampathi 2021

BIG partner

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms


HexGN Startup ready Pre Accelerator program
Pre Incubation at NSRCEL, IIM B

Clinical trials at

Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal

Technical Support

Center for System Design, NITK Surathkal