About Us

We are a product based company working in the domain of Healthcare with specific interest in dental innovations. Eikona X Innovative Solutions Private Limited represents our journey from dentists to entrepreneurs. We were incorporated in 2020 and are based out of Manipal in coastal Karnataka. We are currently developing products to take accurate dental X-rays.

Dr. Shruthi Acharya and Dr. Shruti Singh

Who we are

  • We are dentists who want to transform the way x-rays are taken in routine dental practice
  • Our vision is to provide affordable healthcare to all.
  • We at Eikona X believe every dental experience should be free of pain, anxiety and discomfort for the patient
  • As dental practitioners ourselves, we want to boost the confidence of our professional colleagues who are in the pursuit of clinical excellence
  • Tarsier X is a promising solution that upholds the dentists' reputation and patients’ comfort